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Drugs, Gangs & Violence
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Claude AnShin Thomas practices "engaged" Buddhism. He and his associate, Weibke KenShin Andersen, are invited to visit areas where violence is prevalent so they can offer a peaceful alternative--mindful meditation. Last month he was in Columbia, South America. I asked AnShin if I could share his messages with you and he said OK.

Sun, September 26, 2010 10:33:50 PM

Dear Fred, 

I am currently in Colombia. I have been here since 13 September 2010. The specific reason for this e-mail is that on this trip to Colombia, one of the major violence related issues that I have come in contact with is gang violence and one of the hot spots of this gang violence is Medellin. KenShin and I will travel to Medellin on Wednesday 29 September where I have a number of commitments. I will only be in Medellin for this one day and the morning of the following day Thursday 30 September and then back to Bogota.

     While in Medellin some of the commitments that I have will be working  with groups who are engaged with the topic of gang violence from different perspectives. One of these groups works with those who are on the fence or on the edge of becoming involved in gang activities. Another group who we will meet and work with are dedicated to making efforts to draw people out of these gangs. 

     The hottest spot for this gang violence in Medellin is an area referred to as Comuna 13. KenShin and I will be going into Communa 13 to support the efforts of various groups who are working there with this topic. Please keep us in your thoughts.

     Just now though I will close here. I look forward to our next contact - so, until then.

With Much Care and

Respect - In Gassho:

Claude AnShin


To find out what happens next in this exciting and dangerous trip, keep checking this website. Claude AnShin Thomas will visit Buffalo in early November and you will have a chance to hear what he has learned about alternatives to violence.

Crime, Events, News

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