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Seven Years on Mars: A Talk by a Member of Mars Rover Imaging Team | Arts & Culture

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Seven Years on Mars: A Talk by a Member of Mars Rover Imaging Team
Seven Years on Mars: A Talk by a Member of Mars Rover Imaging Team

The Spirit and Opportunity rovers have reshaped our vision of Mars with their stunning images and fascinating discoveries. Amazingly, the rovers, which were designed to operate for three months, have now been exploring the surface of the Red Planet for over seven years.

Join NASA Mars Exploration Rover team member Melissa Rice for a behind-the-scenes look at the images, science and human creativity that have made the mission such a success. Using remarkable photos taken by the "Pancam" instrument, she'll share the inside story of the mission - from the launches right up to the latest pictures returned from the Martian surface. She'll also give a sneak peak at what's to come in Mars exploration, providing updates from NASA's Curiosity rover that will launch in November 2011.

Saturday, April 9
Buffalo Museum of Science
Cummings Room, 11am - noon

Included with general museum admission and FREE for Museum Members

Visit www.sciencebuff.org for more information.

Melissa Rice is a graduate student in astronomy at Cornell University, where she has been working with NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission for the past 5 years.  As a Payload Downlink Lead for the imaging team, she is sometimes the first person on Earth to see new vistas of Mars.  In her research, she uses "Pancam" images from the Spirit rover to study the history of water at Gusev Crater. She is also studying Eberswalde Crater, which is a candidate landing site for NASA's next rover, Mars Science Laboratory (aka Curiosity).  At Cornell, she works under the guidance of Dr. Jim Bell, who is the Principle Investigator of the Mars Exploration Rover Pancam instruments.

Rice will also be the guest speaker at the Buffalo Astronomical Association’s 2011 Annual Dinner Banquet, which will take place on Saturday, April 9 at the Banchetti Banquet Hall (550 North French Road, Amherst, NY). For more information on the dinner or to purchase tickets call 716-639-0866 or email info@buffaloastronomy.com.

Learn more about Melissa Rice and her work at www.astro.cornell.edu/~mrice/.

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