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Dalia’s Bridal to Hold Month-long Benefit for Food Bank of WNY

Dalia’s Bridal to Hold Month-long Benefit for Food Bank of WNY

Dalia’s Bridal, located at 4558 Main St. in Snyder, will hold a month-long sales event in June to benefit the Food Bank of WNY.

Throughout the month of June, visitors are asked to bring a nonperishable food item to the store that will be donated to the Food Bank. During this time, Dalia’s will also host its first annual “Spring Into Summer Clearance Sale” with 30 to 85 percent off select bridal wear, and select bridal gowns starting at just $99.

“A portion of all sales during the month of June will also be donated to the Food Bank of WNY,” said the store’s owner, Dalia Nowak. “The Food Bank plays a vital role in our community, and we consider it an honor to help them continue their service and outreach.”

What is the federal funds rate?

In December 2015, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised the federal funds target rate to a range of 0.25% to 0.50%, the first shift from the rock-bottom 0% to 0.25% level where it had remained since December 2008.

The federal funds rate is the interest rate at which banks lend funds to each other from their deposits at the Federal Reserve, usually overnight, in order to meet reserve requirements. The Fed also raised a number of other rates related to funds moving between Federal Reserve banks and other banks. The Fed does not directly control consumer savings or credit rates, but the federal funds rate serves as a benchmark for many short-term rates, such as savings accounts, money market accounts, and short-term bonds.

When Disaster Strikes: Deducting Casualty Losses

Wildfires, tornadoes, storms, landslides, and flooding.... It's almost as if you can't turn on the news without seeing images of a disaster striking somewhere. If you've suffered property loss as the result of these events or other circumstances, you may be able to claim a casualty loss deduction on your federal income tax return.

What's a casualty loss?

A casualty is the destruction, damage, or loss of property caused by an unusual, sudden, or unexpected event. You can experience a casualty loss as the result of something as sweeping as a natural disaster, or as limited in scope as an act of vandalism. You probably don't have a deductible casualty loss, however, if your property is damaged as the result of gradual deterioration (e.g., a long-term termite infestation).

Six Potential 401(k) Rollover Pitfalls

You're about to receive a distribution from your 401(k) plan, and you're considering a rollover to a traditional IRA. While these transactions are normally straightforward and trouble free, there are some pitfalls you'll want to avoid.

1. Consider the pros and cons of a rollover. The first mistake some people make is failing to consider the pros and cons of a rollover to an IRA in the first place. You can leave your money in the 401(k) plan if your balance is over $5,000. And if you're changing jobs, you may also be able to roll your distribution over to your new employer's 401(k) plan.

·         Though IRAs typically offer significantly more investment opportunities and withdrawal flexibility, your 401(k) plan may offer investments that can't be replicated in an IRA (or can't be replicated at an equivalent cost).

Should I loan my child money for a down payment on a house?

For a lot of young people today, it's difficult to purchase a home without at least some financial assistance. As a result, many young adults turn to their parents or other family members for help with a down payment.

If you plan on lending your child money for a down payment on a house, you should try to assume the role of a commercial lender. Setting the terms of the loan in writing will demonstrate to your child that you take both your responsibility as lender and your child's responsibility as borrower seriously.

While having an actual loan contract may seem too businesslike to some parents, doing so can help set expectations between you and your child. The loan contract should spell out the exact loan amount, the interest rate and a repayment schedule. To avoid the uncomfortable situation of having to remind your child that a payment is due, consider asking him or her to set up automatic monthly transfers from his or her bank account to yours.

Buffalo Bites Food Tours Attract Hungry Tourists Who Crave an Authentic Experience

Buffalo Bites Food Tours Attract Hungry Tourists Who Crave an Authentic Experience

What sets Buffalo and Western New York apart from other regions as a fun and unique travel destination? According to a recent online survey of “America’s Favorite Cities,” which ranked Buffalo at the very top of its travel list, categories such as architecture, craft breweries and public parks are hugely important to today’s trendy travelers. Restaurants and food also rank high atop the wish list of these road warriors.

How long will I have to pay for private mortgage insurance?

It depends. There are generally two ways that private mortgage insurance (PMI) can be removed from your mortgage loan. The first is if you request PMI cancellation directly from your lender. The second is through termination by your lender.

You can request PMI cancellation directly from your lender once you have reached the date when the principal balance of your mortgage is scheduled to fall to 80% of the original value of your home. You can find this date on the PMI disclosure form that was given to you when you first obtained your mortgage. The cancellation request can be made earlier if you have made additional mortgage payments that have reduced your principal balance to 80% at an earlier date. Your lender may also require you to meet certain other criteria in order to cancel your PMI, such as certification that there are no subordinate liens on the home and evidence that the property has not declined below the original value.