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Eyewear Trends 2012
Eyewear Trends 2012

Eyewear trends for spring/summer 2012 will be about style, dynamics, innovation and luxury because sunglasses are a great way to show off your fashion taste so choosing the right look is important. The song I wear my sunglasses at night takes on a whole new meaning this spring/summer 2012. Let’s face it sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from the harmful UVs that are often associated with cancer of the skin, wrinkles, sunburns and other eye damages. Designers are still all about keeping your eyes healthy but they also know that glasses can make or break a hot look providing style, comfort and function.

Eyewear Manufacturers are providing hot looks and trends with the highest level of technology and craftsmanship in the manufacturing of new sophisticated designs. Wherever your fashion taste leads you this spring/summer 2012 always choose a frame and color that suits your skin complexion with the proper UV protection and keep in mind glass supersedes plastic.

ome of the hottest trends for sunglasses this year include a wide range of lens with eco-friendly material frameworks, bold & bright colors with various textures and frame shapes.

Trending Now for Spring/Summer 2012

  • Bold Color/Prints- Look to see more bold colored frames/lenses. Bold greens, oranges, animal prints, yellow; black, greys, browns and red tones are hot for 2012.
  • Frames- Various contemporary frame shapes & textures are big for 2012. Crystal & Rimless frames will be the biggest trends for 2012. Reading Glasses turned sunglasses, thicker sided frames, retro frames and futuristic frames. Frame trends for women are Round, Cat eye, Square, contract and quirky shapes (ex. Hearts, oval or Diamond). Men S/S 2012 trends are more Sporty, rectangular and rimless style frames for S/S 2012.
  • Lenses-Lenses are getting more high tech and innovative offering more ways to have an attractive look yet protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to the sun. Designers are using lens manufacturers to create customized sunglasses that have superior performance, innovative shapes that have the ability to protect the eye and set color trends. Look to see more over sized and colored lenses for 2012. Rose-colored lenses, gradient lenses will be among the top trend choices for 2012. (Square and rectangular lenses are trending for 2012).
  • Technology & Design- For 2012 its all about the use of tradition meets innovation with focus on eco friendly, bio based, natural-based, anti-glare technologies, colored lenses, polarized filters, glare minimization, flex hinges, scratch resistance and anti -reflective coatings. Most of the focus is on high performance sunglasses with or without a prescription. Zeiss Lenses are leading the way on Lens technology. Designers for 2012 are really focusing in on aesthetics and combining comfort, style and timeless luxury.

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