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Seven Years on Mars: A Talk by a Member of Mars Rover Imaging Team

Seven Years on Mars: A Talk by a Member of Mars Rover Imaging Team

The Spirit and Opportunity rovers have reshaped our vision of Mars with their stunning images and fascinating discoveries. Amazingly, the rovers, which were designed to operate for three months, have now been exploring the surface of the Red Planet for over seven years.

Join NASA Mars Exploration Rover team member Melissa Rice for a behind-the-scenes look at the images, science and human creativity that have made the mission such a success. Using remarkable photos taken by the "Pancam" instrument, she'll share the inside story of the mission - from the launches right up to the latest pictures returned from the Martian surface.

Ben Gardane Ras El Jedire: Libya Needs Our Help

Ben Gardane Ras El Jedire: Libya Needs Our Help


by Susan Marie and Hind Houas


Ben Gardane is a town in southeast Tunisia, close to the Libyan border, Ras El Jedire.  In 2011, during The Libyan Uprising, two entities became government of Libya. Muammar Gaddafi controlling Tripoli and Western Libya and Mustafa Abdul Jalail in Benghazi, controlling Eastern Libya.  Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa and 17th largest in the world.  Libya is one of the world's 10 richest oil-producing countries.

Maelstrom in WNY: Grisanti & Giambra Control 60th While Field gets Ready For 2013

Mark Grisanti will be proclaimed as the winner in the 60thSenate District, it’s just a matter of time. When the final word comes in Grisanti will have a familiar name in local politics to thank, Joel Giambra. It is said that Giambra is Grisanti’s cousin, but not sure if they are really blood cousins or political cousins. That is because like Giambra, Grisanti switched from Democrat to Republican to gain his office.

Giambra worked feverishly behind the scenes for Mark Grisanti and had many familiar faces from his days in the Rath Building working as well. Gimabra now works as a lobbyist/political operative for Park Strategies and the Grisanti victory over Antoine Thompson is a huge feather in his cap.

Maelstrom in WNY: We Are Who We Are Because of Veterans

How can we pay back Veterans for what they have given the United States? You often hear that question on this day as the various ceremonies around the community celebrate and honor those who served for their country. For some the debt owed is greater than others.

There are those Veterans who served in WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Dessert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan. Men and women who were in the heart of the action and have images that will haunt them until the day they die.

We have all watched the films, TV shows and read the books. There are stories of great heroism and tragic outcomes. Young men, barely out of high school put into situations that would test any ones heart and soul. Many left behind in graveyards bearing names we could not even pronounce. Then there are those who returned but left much of their selves behind.