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The Buffalo Zoo Wants You to Power Down for Polar Bears | Community Spirit

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The Buffalo Zoo Wants You to Power Down for Polar Bears

The Buffalo Zoo is launching a new initiative called “Power Down for Polar Bears” to reduce the community’s carbon footprint.

The initiative was developed to encourage the Western New York community to participate in the global “Earth Hour” movement. Earth Hour will take place on March 29 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The Zoo’s “Power Down for Polar Bears” event will run for a full week from March 23 – March 29 to encourage maximum participation.

Participation is easy! Schools and classrooms, local businesses, and individuals or families can get involved. During “Power Down for Polar Bears” week, participants should shut off any non-essential lights, appliances, or electronics for at least one hour. Consuming less energy is one easy way to reduce carbon emissions, and slow the melting of sea ice. Polar bears in the wild depend on sea ice to survive.

Anyone who participates will be entered in a drawing to win a Zoo experience when they register their actions on the Zoo’s website. The categories and prizes are as follows:

  • Classroom/School – win a polar bear education program at your school
  • Business – win a Zoomobile visit for an upcoming staff event
  • Family/Individual – win a one year Buffalo Zoo Supporting Level membership

To learn more about “Power Down for Polar Bears” or register your participation, please visit www.buffalozoo.org. To learn more about Earth Hour, please visit www.earthhour.org

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