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5 Ways to Beat The Heat On a Budget
5 Ways to Beat The Heat On a Budget

It's officially a heatwave here in Buffalo. As we all sweat through our shirts, we begin looking for ways to cool off. For those of us on a budget, however, cooling off can be a challenge. It's easy to run through our sprinklers or hose each other off, but when even that becomes tiresome, we must search for more creative alternatives. 

 The Mall

It may sound silly, but the mall is the best way to get access to free air conditioning. It's also a great way to get light exercise while staying out of the scorching heat. It is common knowledge that a 30 minute walk, 3 days a week is a great way to stay healthy. However, as temperatures soar to the 90s, walking outside for that long can not only be uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. A brisk walk around an air-conditioned mall is a great alternative to risking dehydration or heat stroke, especially for the elderly.

A Movie

Who doesn't love the comfort of a dark, cool movie theater on a hot day? Granted, movies are quite expensive now-a-days. Discount movie theaters like Movieland 8 in Cheektowaga can provide an economic escape from the oppressive heat.

The Library

Books, quiet and cool air... The perfect way to spend a hot afternoon is at your local library. My favorite is the downtown library, which also happens to have a small cafe, where you can get a snack and some iced coffee to complete your visit.

The Pool

It's no secret that many of our neighborhoods have community pools. For as little as $2, you can swim happily all day. Take advantage of what your neighborhood has to offer. Don't forget the sunscreen, and drink lots of water. Dehydration can still happen, even while swimming.

The Museum

The Buffalo area has lots of museums where you can cool off and get some culture at the same time. The Albright-Knox still has free Fridays, where you get access to the main museum (and the air conditioning) for free. They sometimes have free art classes, along with many other events every Friday evening. Go to their website for more info.

Buffalo has many alternatives to beat the heat. So when heading to the beach isn't an option, take advantage of what's going on in your neighborhood. A tiny budget shouldn't stop you from enjoying your summer.




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