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Donate Pens and Pencils

Each day I will write about something that a person can do to help others. I want to show that we can help others without having a lot of money or time. I feel strongly that we all have something that we can offer. The things that I write about will usually not take up much time or require large donations.  I love the daily Ways to Save.  This can be a Ways to Give.




Day 180:

Action:   Donate Pens and Pencils (As few or as many as you have around the house)

Time Needed:  About ½ hour to collect and mail

Requirements:  You have extra school supplies around the house or you purchase a box of pens/ pencils to donate.

Cost:  Postage to Mail




All children have the right to an education.  There are children in this world who think that a pen or pencil is the most valuable gift in the world.  I wish everyone could experience this type of amazement from thing that we all so often take for grant.  I think this type of joy is life changing.  If you have extra school supplies lying around your house from stocking up, think about cleaning out closets.  Here is a way to change the world.  A pen or pencil will change the world for a child somewhere in this world.  You can change the world with the donation of a pen or pencil. 


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