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Never Forget
Never Forget

Each day I will write about something that a person can do to help others. I want to show that we can help others without having a lot of money or time. I feel strongly that we all have something that we can offer. The things that I write about will usually not take up much time or require large donations.  I love the daily Ways to Save.  This can be a Ways to Give.


Day 255:

Action:  Visit this site there are many actions you can take to give tribute to the hero’s that lost their lives on 9/11.

Time Needed:  About ½ hour to read all the information and stories

Requirements:  The Internet

Cost:  Some things are free (like signing up for a credit card that gives back to victim’s funds) and some items cost a few dollars and the money goes to help those left behind.


This site was started by fireman Brett Hill that was there during the cleanup of this tragic day.  He wants to make sure that the firemen that lost their lives and their families are never forgotten.  He started with a patch that would help firemen across the world remember the brothers and sisters lost that day.  Now these patches, decals, and many items are available to all of us to share and support the hero’s that gave their lives to save others.  It is our responsibility to make sure every generation to come knows and understands the moment that changed America forever. 


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