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Scarfs of Hope Holiday Gift Idea | Community Spirit

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Scarfs of Hope Holiday Gift Idea
Scarfs of Hope Holiday Gift Idea

Each day I will write about something that a person can do to help others. I want to prove that we can help others and our world without having a lot of money or time. I feel strongly that we all have something that we can offer. The things that I write about will usually not take up much time or require large donations.

<a href="http://store.connectedinhope.com/">http://store.connectedinhope.com/</a>

<a href="http://www.connectedinhope.org/">http://www.connectedinhope.org/</a>

Day 320:

Action:  Buy a scarf for a holiday gift or yourself
Time Needed:  Only a few moments to order
Requirements:  Need to keep your head or neck warm or wear as a fashion statement. (My daughter’s tell me they are “in”)
Cost:  $32 and up


<a href="http://store.connectedinhope.com/">http://store.connectedinhope.com/</a>

<a href="http://www.connectedinhope.org/">http://www.connectedinhope.org/</a>


Connect in Hope helps woman of Ethiopia work in a safe environment so they can take care of their families.  They pay these women to weave beautiful scarfs and treat them fairly.  Before these talented women became weavers many of them would collect fire wood and try to sell it to feed their families.  This required them to walk many miles and often put themselves in danger from being robbed or worse.  They would work all day doing this back breaking work for little or no pay.  Now they can make a safe living and take care of their families because Connect in Hope helps to train and provides them with the raw material needed to keep them in business.  They have a variety of scarfs to choice from and the holidays would be a great time to share this great cause with someone special.

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