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Sign A Petition To Keep Our Food Safe From Fracking | Community Spirit

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Sign A Petition To Keep Our Food Safe From Fracking
 Sign A Petition To Keep Our Food Safe From Fracking

Each day I will write about something that a person can do to help others. I want to show that we can help others without having a lot of money or time. I feel strongly that we all have something that we can offer. The things that I write about will usually not take up much time or require large donations. I love the daily Ways to Save. This can be a Ways to Give.


Day 349:

Action:  Sign a Petition

Time Needed:  One minute

Requirements:  The Internet

Cost:  Nothing


Evidence has shown that the environment near the fracking drilling sites is contaminated.    The animals that graze off the land are becoming ill and even dying.  These animals are the animals that are used to provide meat that you buy and feed your family.  Tell the USDA they have to protect the food animals that we are feeding are family.  We must speak louder than the lobby groups that stand to make A LOT of money from fracking.  We must protect the food that we are buying and feeding to our families.  We have to do it before it is too late!!!


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