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Installation of Hoyt Lake Fountain Delayed Again | News

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Installation of Hoyt Lake Fountain Delayed Again

BUFFALO, NY- For two years, 2 On Your Side has been investigating the supposed repairs that are coming to Delaware Park's Hoyt Lake. In May, we found out paperwork was to blame for the delay. But with summer almost over, what is the status of the fountain?

Officials with the Olmsted Parks Conservancy say they're seeing some progress with the Hoyt Lake cleanup and fountain installation, but the public hasn't seen any yet.

Last year Olmsted secured a $100,000 grant after announcing the cleanup efforts in 2010. Half of money would be used for the fountain, and the other half for a study of the sediment to find out what's the cause of the contamination, stench and the dead fish. But none of that work has started.

"All of the paperwork's into the state. It's completely on Albany to release the funds and send us the final contract," said Olmsted President and CEO Thomas Herrara-Mishler.

A spokesperson for Senator Mark Grisanti says he knows the paperwork is complete and he's got a call in to the Senate Finance Committee to find out when the contract will be approved.

Back in May the project manager said he hoped the fountain would be installed by the end of the year and Grisanti wanted it in by the end of the summer. But now Herrara-Mishler said he doesn't expect it to be installed until the ice melts in the Spring of 2013. He adds the dredging may start even later, after the study is complete.

Herrara-Mishler said he always expected this to be a long and complicated process.

But the good news is Olmsted has secured its partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers and they're bringing an additional $85,000 to the sediment study, and potentially millions more down the road.

"It allows us to tap into the great lakes restoration act funding. And that's the real deep pockets that are needed to really fix this problem in Hoyt Lake."

There's a second project going on at Hoyt Lake at the same time. The state DEC awarded a $270,000 grant to the city of Buffalo to repair the fresh water wells in the lake. Andrew Rabb, who oversees Buffalo's parks, says they hope to have the contract executed by next week, and construction should begin sometime next month.



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