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Two Buffalo Sanitation Workers Accused of Unsanitary Act | News

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Two Buffalo Sanitation Workers Accused of Unsanitary Act

BUFFALO, N.Y.- A pair of Buffalo Sanitation Department workers may lose their jobs over an alleged incident last week.

A North Buffalo resident called 311, the Mayor's Hotline, saying that Friday morning she observed them urinating into the back of their garbage truck.

Pat Butcher says she was taking a break from working in her kitchen when she walked to the front door. She was looking out the window, watching the sanitation crew. Butcher says one worker stepped up onto the platform on the back of the truck. She assumed they would be moving on, but the truck didn't move. The worker stepped down and another employee stepped up. She then realized what she was watching. "They were taking turns urinating into the back of the truck" says Butcher.

She says she then made the call and hit the "0" button until an operator picked up. She told him what she witnessed, and the report was taken. Butcher wasn't sure whether anything would happen or if she would even be taken seriously.

On Monday, 2 On Your Side learned that the two workers in question have been written up and they will face a disciplinary hearing this week where the punishment can range from suspension right up to termination. 

Butcher says she doesn't want the workers to lose their jobs, she just wants them to understand to understand the impact of their actions


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