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Your Own Tropical Paradise...With Zombies | News

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Your Own Tropical Paradise...With Zombies
Your Own Tropical Paradise...With Zombies

At one point, we have all wished to get away from our everyday life to vacation on an island where the sun shines bright, the ocean is clear-blue, the beaches are beautiful and the ladies want to eat your brains. Wait, what?

The game Dead Island brings players to a lush, fictional island of Banoi, where an unknown event causes a zombie outbreak. Once the game starts, you get to choose to play as one of four different survivors (with 4-player co-op), being either a vacationer or an employee of the island. Each survivor has a specific class with certain abilities that decide which kind of weapons you're able to use. If that's not already a different take on zombie killing, maybe the RPG-style leveling system will change your mind.

To continue reading this article for more gameplay features and to view more pictures and video, head over to http://www.examiner.com/xbox-in-buffalo/your-own-tropical-paradise-with-zombies

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